Saturday, February 25, 2006

Down to the Top 20...

OK, here's the deal. I like American Idol. Now that the 5th season is well undwerway and down to the top 20, I'd like to update you all on my picks for the top 5.

(Drumroll, please....)

#1. Elliot Yamin - So far he is my top pick. This guy can SING.

#2. Taylor Hicks (aka "Gray Haired Guy") - This guy runs a very close second, in my book. He's got talent, qwirkiness, and an obvious passion for music. Time will tell how musically versatile he is...but I really do hope he goes far. He's just fun to watch.

#3. Chris Daughtry (a.k.a. "Bald Guy") - Close third. This year's rocker. He's got that gritty, soulful voice.

#4. Ace Young (a.k.a. "Pretty Boy") - This guy's just got the "it" factor down - the talent and the image. He's got a bit of a tendancy to give sultry looks to the camera like Constantine did, but at least he's not greasy and he can actually sing.

#5. Katharine McPhee - I don't know that I like her a ton, but out of all the girls, at this point she's the best of the bunch. I do see hope for Melissa McGhee or Paris Bennett, though. We'll see.

As you can see, I predict that this year one of the guys will win. They're just too good, and most of this year's girls are just...well, annoying (did anyone else see that "kitty pound" thing? What was THAT?). I could type some more of my opinions here, right now, but that would only really reveal that perhaps I am a little TOO into this show. So I will now end this post, and then I will go read a book or take a walk or something. :)


At 6:33 PM, Blogger Katie said...

katie speak for yourself!!!! i do hate nikki for saying that about my lil' chicken little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no i don't hate you i just disagree BIG TIME!!!!!! and here's my list of fave's:

love betho


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