Friday, February 03, 2006

I admit it...I'm a Disney Park nerd

Yesterday my brother introduced me to a fascinating podcast that has brought us both entertainment and enlightenment as we listen to it at work. "What could it be" you wonder? "A series of sermons? Profound thoughts from a great theologian; a Biblical scholar?".

We've been listening to a Disneyworld fan podcast.

That's right. A podcast created by a very dedicated Disneyworld coneisseure named Ricky Something-or-other. ( Ricky lives in Orlando and holds an annual pass to the DisneyWorld parks. He uses his podcast to announce the latest happenings at the Disney Parks and to discuss various rumors of plans for the park with other Disney park fans. According to his website, he visits Disneyworld "almost every week".

Isn't that cool?! -ahem- err...I mean, how crazy is that?! :)

I should clarify that much of our time spent listening to this show is spent snickering in fascination at the obsession with Disney parks that these people have. Seriously, these are fans of Trekkie proportions. (Case in point: recently, "breaking news" on the show was that a fan had spotted steam once again emerging from the newspaper machine in the town-square scene on the Spaceship Earth ride). We laugh, but deep down, I think we both know that we're one of them...

The truth is, I think Disney parks are pretty darn cool. I've been to the Disney parks 10 times and haven't had enough. I love hearing about the renovations on Pirates of the Caribbean, I am sad about the closure of the Bear Country Jamboree, and I eagerly hope to someday ride the new Expedition Everest ride. That yetti looks pretty freaky. If I lived in Orlando, I'd probably have an annual pass (they're cheap) and I'd probably spend a fair amount of time in the parks. I'm not ashamed to say it. I a Disney nerd? Um, yes. Yes I am. I think though, that maybe we all have our own things that we're a little nerdy about. Some would call them quirks; some would call them guilty pleasures. It's something that makes us unique.

Of course, I could be wrong. I could just be a freak.

What are you nerdy about? What's YOUR "Disneyworld"? Come on, share...

...because if you don't, then I'll know that I'm wrong and I really am just a freak! :)


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Wally said...

Um, yeah, I don't know her...

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Chris Dugan said...

Look just because I know that Dave Goelz (voice of the Great Gonzo) is the voice of Figment on the new EPCOT "Journey Into Imagination" ride (as opposed to Billy Barty's original Figment) that doesn't make me a Disney park nerd.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Yes, yes it does.


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