Friday, February 24, 2006

Pleasantly Surprised

I just got back from seeing "The Second Chance" with my mom. For those who may not know, this is the new movie starring Michael W. Smith and directed by Steve Taylor. I'll admit that I went into the theater pretty skeptical...after all, it is: a) a movie starring Michael W. Smith ('nuff said), and b). a Christian movie - and let's face it, Christian movies don't exactly have the greatest track record (think "Left Behind"). However, I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised! It was actually rather well done. Not that it's an academy award winner. It's not. :) However, what it has is an edge to it that sets it apart from any Christian film I've seen, an interesting storyline, an spot-on portrayal of some aspects of the Christian subculture these days (a little painful to watch!), and even some humor. The acting wasn't too bad either! Even Michael W. Smith did alright.

I'd recommend that you all go see this little film. It's been open a week already, and right now it's playing at the Southdale Theater, as well as the Eden Prairie theater. It's not really one of those "evangelism tool" type's definitely not aimed at non-Christians (Although, ironically, I wouldn't be embarrassed to show this movie to a non Christian, like I would with certain others!). It seems like something that the Church as a whole could benefit from seeing right now. It's worth checking out, at least! :)


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