Monday, February 20, 2006

Random, Pointless Notes...

1). Last week I discovered a new restaurant that I really like: "Ole Store" ( Too bad it's in Northfield! We went down there to celebrate my cousin-in-law Laura's birthday. From the outside, the restaurant looks like your typical, small town, run-down-schoolhouse-turned-restaurant cafe. But the inside is gorgeous! Super funky. Look at the pictures online. If I had a restaurant, that's how I'd decorate it. And the food was some of the best...I had the Asiago Chicken Fettucine. It was heavenly. Yummmmm.

2). Saturday night we went to see "Little Women" at the Orpheum. (It was Mark's Christmas present to me). We had incredible seats right above the orchestra pit, which was extra cool because when we got there we realized that someone we know was a musician in the pit! As for the show itself...the singing was very good. However, the guy who played the professor looked and sounded just like Will Ferrell doing the "Goulet" impression. We got the giggles in the middle of his song. Have you ever gotten the giggles in a snooty setting? At one point he even said "You always do...".

3). Yesterday we visited a church (which I shall leave nameless) featuring a choir of 100+ people (each wearing a different, brightly colored shirt), a horn section, and a worship leader wearing a suit/bright green tie and sporting a Crest-whitening kind of smile and telling everyone to sway along to the music. The sermon itself was pretty good, but the music portion of the service was so loud, big and cheesy/sacchariney that it overshadowed the rest, to the point where it was almost hard to focus on the sermon. I never thought I'd say that the music would turn me off to a church! Even music that doesn't sound that great is better than the most excellently done music in the world, if it's genuine. Does that make sense?

That is all. Happy Monday. :)


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