Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Fall!

Here are some shots I took of the house last week. I've had fun decorating for fall (although God can take credit for the trees and the backyard. He always does such a great job with that :))...

Do you like my festive fall display? Actually, I swiped this idea from my mom, so it's not really "my" idea. Yes, I bought a bale of hay specifically for this purpose. And no, it's not the best idea to use the backseat of your Honda Accord to transport a bale of hay.
It takes up more space than you think it will. fun! And festive!

A close-up shot

Couldn't resist this bouquet of flowers from Sam's Club. Pretty colors!

Our backyard, complete with a giant pile of leaves, consisting of merely a fraction of the leaves found in our yard, which Mark so diligently took care of! He deserves a pat on the back.
(btw, can you see why I call our backyard "Narnia"? :))

A shot of our backyard through our living room window. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

3 Question Personality Quiz

Your Personality Is

Idealist (NF)

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The Three Question Personality Test

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Long Time, No Blog

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged - that Brad Pitt picture has been sitting on this site for a month now, I see. Oops. Sorry about that. I'm sure that by now the few who did frequent my blog have given up on it...but I'll type anyway... :)

It's been a busy month, so I'll touch on some of the highlights...

1). Settling into the new place. What fun! We continue to love this cozy new home of ours, and are enjoying the process of settling in and making it our own. It's been fun unpacking and furnishing/decorating. There are still a couple of rooms that just don't seem to ever get unpacked (more time in the day would be nice :)), and a bit more housework to do than we're used to - but it's all good. Somehow, even housework is more fun to do!
The only thing that is truly daunting to us right now is the yard. We have no experience in taking care of a yard, so this task is an adjustment for both of us. So far Mark has done a stellar job in his job of keeping the lawn mowed, which is wonderful. I, however, am dealing with some personal insecurities on how to approach a couple of necessary tasks, like weeding (knowing exactly what are weeds and what are not - learned that one the hard way!) and taking care of unsightly mushrooms. We've also been doing a ton of raking. Holy buckets, is our yard covered with leaves! It's a fun job though. :)

2). Partying with Piper. We were among the 3000+ who partied with Piper and a number of other speakers last weekend at the Desiring God conference. It was a wonderful, Christ-exalting time of teaching. We heard from David Wells, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, D.A. Carson, and Piper. (We, unfortunately had to miss the Voddie Bauchum talk, which we've heard was incredible...I'm excited to hear it all online - what I've heard was very good). We both learned a ton and gained a lot of clarity on the desperate need to preserve the exultation of Christ in both the church and in our own lives. I left with a renewed sense of passion for this purpose, and felt at least somewhat better equipped to share it with others, particularly as it relates to the emerging church.
In addition to this last weekend's party with Piper, I guess you could say we've been partying with Piper every weekend, as we've been attending Bethlehem Baptist's new South campus. While the service itself is not exactly what we're used to (or what we are naturally drawn to), the Biblical teaching is so rich and the focus on Christ is so great that we have really been blessed by it. On top of that, I have felt refreshed by the sense of humility and authenticity (buzzword) that has been so evident from the front. Even though we joke about "party with Piper", what truly shines through those messages into my heart is not's Christ, and that's such a great thing...a hunger-satisfying thing!

Well, it's late; I will close. I just had to do something to get that Brad Pitt pic off the top of my blog!


Friday, October 06, 2006


What Muppet are you?

You are Rizzo the Rat.You have few friends, but are loyal to those you do have. Maybe if you didn't smell like sewage you would have more.SPECIES:Rodentia Digesta Lotta Grub HOMETOWN:Brooklyn, USA FAVORITE MOVIE:"Rat On A Hot Tin Roof" FAVORITE SONG:"The Pest Is Yet To Come" FAVORITE FOOD:You got it, I'll eat it. HOBBIES:See "Favorite Food". QUOTE:"When do we eat?"
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