Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Fall!

Here are some shots I took of the house last week. I've had fun decorating for fall (although God can take credit for the trees and the backyard. He always does such a great job with that :))...

Do you like my festive fall display? Actually, I swiped this idea from my mom, so it's not really "my" idea. Yes, I bought a bale of hay specifically for this purpose. And no, it's not the best idea to use the backseat of your Honda Accord to transport a bale of hay.
It takes up more space than you think it will. fun! And festive!

A close-up shot

Couldn't resist this bouquet of flowers from Sam's Club. Pretty colors!

Our backyard, complete with a giant pile of leaves, consisting of merely a fraction of the leaves found in our yard, which Mark so diligently took care of! He deserves a pat on the back.
(btw, can you see why I call our backyard "Narnia"? :))

A shot of our backyard through our living room window. :)


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