Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the Funniest Customer Inquiry Ever Is...(drumroll)...

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at the front counter of the bookstore, when a very frazzled-looking lady walked through the door, straight up to my desk and said:

"Do you have a yellow pages here? Or do you know off-hand where I could buy a leotard?"


At 8:22 AM, Blogger MamaD said...

That's it! Eureka!

A new product for the Christian market.

Leotards with pithy Christian sayings and slogans. Is that how you spell pithy?

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

That is SUCH a good idea, you two. I've come up with the following sayings to be embroidered in twirly swirly cursive accross the fronts:

"Flexible for Jesus!"

"This leotard of mine... I'm gonna let it shine."

"The Bible is my balancing beam!"


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