Saturday, May 06, 2006

Long Time, No Blog

Well, as you can see, it's been awhile since I've blogged -- 2 weeks, to be exact. In light of this gap, here are some random things I have learned or done over the last fortnight (that's 2 weeks, in Jane Austen language :)):

1). Mark and I took a lovely mini-trip up North a couple weekends ago. We stayed in Two Harbors, hiked around Gooseberry falls, ate at Betty's Pies, visited the Split Rock lighthouse, and stopped by Canal Park in Duluth. All in all, a nice little getaway!

2). Mark & I have a new favorite show (thanks to Katie & friends): The Office. Simply hilarious! Oh my goodness. I am hooked. I cannot wait until next week's season finale...and until season 2 comes out on DVD! I can already tell that quotes from this show have found a permanent place in my vernacular. :)

3). OK, time to admit something, once and for all. I am so (well, semi) ashamed of this, but I must confess: I am really into Survivor this season. Why? Well, mainly because of this Survivor, named Terry. The man is a MACHINE, let me tell you. Long story short, he is the last one standing from his original tribe (before the two tribes merged to form the one he's in now). He has watched all of his other original tribemates get picked off one by one (they went into the merge outnumbered), and now he is next in line to go. His only hope has been to win every single immunity challenge - which he has done for the past 4+ weeks! Unheard of! He just simply refuses to lose. He is focused on winning $1,000,000, won't lost sight of it, and now he's in the final three. I feel sort of embarrassed saying this, but I'm actually pulling some spiritual lessons from it (running in such a way as to win the prize, etc.). He's fun to watch! Oh, and he plays without back-biting or lying...AND on top of it all, I think he could actually "survive" - like, make fire and find his own food; that sort of thing. Fancy that! It's always sort of bothered me that Survivor has focused on people living together on a desert island to survive "socially".

4). American Idol is bad for business. For the past two weeks the credit cards have gone down at my store at approximately 8:00 pm, due to the high phone traffic as a result of America Idol voting! We have been told to expect this every Tuesday night until the season concludes. Isn't that hilarious? Especially since Tuesday nights are my night to work? :)

5). Speaking of American Idol, so far it's going exactly as I'd hoped (muahahahahah!)...and I'm pretty stoked that my prediction about Katharine McPhee (from a January blog) has come true. I must admit she did a stellar job on "Black Horse and CHerry Tree" the other night. I am liking her more than I did...however, I am still pulling for Chris and Elliot!

6). From the mundane to the sublime...I feel God tugging on my heart alot on the issue of prayer. I have recently listened to some great Piper sermons on the issue, and have felt quite convicted about the state of my prayer life. I fully recognize that prayer has not been the priority that it should be in my life - I just don't depend on it as I should. Piper said something that really convicted me: if you love God, you will pray! The old song comes to mind "What a priviledge to carry everything to God in prayer"! Such a basic necessity...yet in our busy world, so easy to set aside.

7). Music stuff has been humbling but good. I had 2 gigs this weekend. Long story short, I went through a little crisis moment of "why do I sing, anyway?", but am feeling more hopeful and excited about it all today. Last Tuesday I had the afternoon off, most of which was spent at the park - where I completed 3 new songs, which (after a particularly long "songwriting drought) I was thrilled about. I am now officially really focusing on recording. I've decided that what I need to do is just look at my calendar and block out time to do it, or it will simply NEVER move from "intention" to "reality". I'm excited about this challenge! Soli Deo Gloria!

Well...that's all for now! :) Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger terryd said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your new songs. Sorry to have missed your gig last Friday...too many places to be at once. Do record.


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