Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Officially Suburbanites!!!

Well, it has been a busy few days, but we are all moved into our brand new house! Moving day was last Friday, and in spite of some slight emotional trauma due to a delay with the moving company working with our home's former owners, it went really well. We were blessed with TONS of help (if you were there, thanks!) and had a great time moving in and showing everyone the place. It was great to have the long weekend to be able to unpack. I decided to start off by zeroing in on the kitchen (the key room in the house!), and had a great time getting that all set up. I was pleased to actually have room to put everything, for a change! I'm also excited about my nifty "pantry cabinets" - ask me about that sometime (I'm such a nerd). And yes, I also alphabetized my spices...! Mark has had a great time setting up his office, his workbench in the garage, and he grilled for the first time on Monday night! :)

Seriously, we LOVE this house. It's amazing how much it already feels like our home. It feels like it was custom built for us! Even the walls/carpeting in pretty much every room match our furniture/decor, which is actually a little creepy! We love it, though. I recently heard that Luther once said "I prayed for silver, but God gave me gold"...this is definitely one of those moments for us. We are very grateful!

Anyway, it is late so I must go. But before I do...I want to wish my dad a happy birthday (though I guess by now it's after midnight, so it's a bit belated...). I thank God for such a humble, kind, fun, godly dad! He's had a difficult few days and has been taking some heat for a bold and courageous move he made a little while back. It has been such a blessing and valuable lesson to watch the way he has been handling it all. Anyone who spent time talking with him and truly listened would not be able to dispute his humility and desire to honor/build the Kingdom through it all. Here's to you, Dad! :)


At 1:48 PM, Blogger terryd said...

What a wonderful family I have. I hoped for silver and God gave me gold. Thanks, Nikki.

—Love, Dad


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