Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buying a House!

We are buying a house!!! More details on it later, but we are terribly excited. It is in west Bloomington and is in many ways our dream house! We are amazed at God's goodness in how he pretty much brought it to us and opened all the doors necessary for it to be ours. Another story for another blog post...Yay! We're set to close labor day weekend. :)


At 5:48 AM, Blogger Ben J said...

congrats on the house Nikki, I close on mine today, I think I can finally be excited as I think all I have to do is give them lots of my money and sign a bunch of paper that says I owe the bank much more money ;o)

As far as the grill I was lucky enough to get it free at a garage sale. The lady said "If you buy those grill tools (spatula, tongs, etc) than the grill is yours" So I loaded the brand new grill tools and 5 year old grill into my car awkwardly and was on my way... some 409, $30 for some new hardware & a new propane tank later I have myself a nice working gas grill.


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