Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Great North

Oh, how I love northern Minnesota in the summertime! I'd forgotten just how much until this weekend. Mark and I just returned from 5 fantastic days "up North" - 1 day at my old stomping grounds at Covenant Pines in McGregor (where I had a gig on Thursday night), followed by 4 days in Grand Marais. We stayed at a little lodge right on Devil Track lake (on the Gunflint Trail, just a few miles north of Grand Marais), and had a great time. Some of the highlights included:

- Getting to spend a summer afternoon at Covenant Pines - seeing friends there, going to chapel, playing a gig at a Sr. High coffeehouse, and seeing a beautiful camp sunset

- Driving up the Gunflint Trail (we went about 30 miles up)
- Hiking to the "Devil's Kettle" (a really cool and mysterious waterfall)

- Driving up to Grand Portage (near the border), visiting the Grand Portage National monument and learning a little about the Voyaguers
-Hiking up to the "Moose Viewing site" only to not see any moose (we're thinking this may have to do with the people who left their car alarm going off in the lot, as well as the people sitting on the lookout point talking loudly and throwing their beer cans over the edge of the lookout...)
-Eating at the "Angry Trout" restaurant (very similar to a Sanibel-type restaurant)
-Looking for agates
-Eating at the historic Nanibojou lodge
-sitting outside, reading :)
-kayaking on Devil Track lake
-hiking up to a BEAUTIFUL "vista" called Honeymoon Bluff
-and finally (but best of all)...

...celebrating one year of marriage to the greatest guy God could have blessed me with! :)


At 4:02 PM, Blogger terryd said...

Great pictures! I forgot to ask you about your CP gig. How did that go?
I'll ask you in person I suppose...


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