Monday, January 02, 2006


"Every Christian, without exception, is called into the place where Jesus stood. To the extent we are called to leadership, we are called to ministry, even costly ministry. The greater the leadership, the greater is to be the ministry. The word "minister" is not a title of power, but a designation of servanthood. There is to be no Christian guru. We must reject this constantly and carefully. A minister, a man who is a leader in the church of God (and never more needed in a day like ours, when the battle is so great), MUST make plain to the men, women, boys and girls who come to the places of leadership that instead of lording their authority over others and allowing it to become an ego trip, they are to serve in humility.

Again, Jesus said 'be ye not called Rabbi; for one is your Master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren." (Matt. 23:8). This does not mean there is to be no order in the church. It does mean that the basic relationship between Christians is not that of elder and people, or pastor and people, but that of brothers and sisters in Christ. This denotes that there is one Father in the family and that his offspring are equal. There are different jobs to be done, different offices to be filled, but we as Christians are equal before one Master. We are not to seek a great title; we are to have the places together as brethren."

-from the book "No Little People" by Francis Schaeffer, pp 26 & 27.


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